About Jimdo

Bring Pages to the People! Jimdo puts the power of website creation in the hands of ordinary people. Jimdo is free, and you don't need to know how to code to have a website. You can start an online business, write a blog, send a newsletter, add your tweets, embed YouTube videos, link your Facebook Page, and embed almost any kind of widget you can imagine. Jimdo is a website creator for today's web.

The Premium Packs

Jimdo Pro

Perfect choices for creatives, freelancers and bloggers


JimdoPro gives you a full set of tools to create a website that is just right for you. Make your website the way you want it to be with JimdoPro.

Create your Jimdo Pro Website here (60 €/Year)

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Jimdo Business

Best for business or online stores


Creating a JimdoBusiness website is easy, so you can spend time focusing on your business. You don't need any special skills, and you don't need to hire a coder. Everything you need is included in the package.

Create your Jimdo Business Website here (180 €/Year)

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